The Modeling Course lasts for 7 days and includes 8 essential subjects. In 24 lessons we will teach you how to:

  • control your emotions, body;
  • maintain the posture properly;
  • walk well and confidently;
  • behave discreetly but appropriately in events and institutions;
  • keep your body in good physical shape through exercise and proper nutrition;
  • communicate in English and tell you how to learn it easily, and why we need it.

We have carefully thought out our unique courses.

This course consists of acting, photo posing, fashion shows, basics of the modeling business, model etiquette, model English, fitness and the basics of proper nutrition, as well as model safety.

At the end of the school, there will be a final photoshoot that will summarize all the knowledge gained and will give a clear answer to the question: “Do I want to be involved in modeling?”.

It is better to try once than to think, think, live in doubt and regret missing opportunities. Perhaps your child having learned about all the disadvantages, difficulties, pluses of work and having tried everything on their own, will realize that he/ she wants something completely different, or vice versa - will be convinced of their wishes.

And it will be another step towards self-discovery and self-development!

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