12 September 2019

Brief Model Dictionary
An album with selected best photos from work, shooting...
A model manager who is involved in creating a portfolio, promoting and advertising models.
A competitive event for the selection of models for a particular project. More often, the casting takes place in two stages: selection by photo and selection after personal acquaintance with the model.
Casting Director
A person responsible for the casting.
A company that hires models for work.
Composite Card, Comp Card
A business card of a model printed on the paper with model’s best photos (from 2 to 20). The composite card contains the main parameters of the model and contact details of the modeling agency.
Defile, Catwalk, Runway Walk
A passage of models on the catwalk, show, model walk.
A photoshoot for a magazine article.
Fashion Runway, Catwalk
A scene designed to showcase new collections of clothes and other goods, which has a certain design.
Fashion Show
A show, catwalk of models on the fashion runway in a new collection of clothes, shoes, accessories or jewelry.
A professional-level make-up made to a model before shooting or showing.
Makeup Artist
A specialist in makeup.
Model Agency
An organization that works with future and current professional models. The agency looks for, selects, trains and promotes people with the necessary qualities to work in the modeling business. The modeling agency acts as an intermediary between the model and the customer, receiving a percentage for their work.
Photoshoot (Shooting)
A session in the studio or beyond, during which the photographer takes photos of the model.
A specialist in finding new models.
A demonstration hall at a boutique or salon, where demonstrations of new collections and the provision of new products for wholesale customers and clients are held.
A set of photos of a certain standard, in which the model poses without makeup and only in a two-piece swimsuit.
A specialist in selecting clothes and creating an image, image maker, hairdresser.
TFP (Time For Prints)
An agreement between a photographer and a model when a model poses for a photographer, and instead of paying receives some of the best photos from a photo shoot.
A form signed by the client and confirming the work done by the model and the number of hours. Used for model’s payroll.
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