14 September 2019

Preparing for a photoshoot
  1. Before shooting, you should not drink a lot of water and eat salty food. Try to remove excess moisture from your body. This will help you look more slender.
  2. Healthy sleep is obligatory. If the photoshoot is early in the morning, then try to go to bed early.
  3. It is advisable to do manicure and pedicure with soft colour (often customers ask to remove manicure with vibrant colours).
  4. If the ends of the hair are split, it is better to cut them, as in the photo, not well-groomed hair can spoil even the most beautiful shots.
  5. Water procedures should be taken on the day when the photoshoot will take place. It is not advisable to use masks, conditioners and hair oils, as the hair maylook oily. You never know with what kind of shots the shooting will start and what direction it will go into, so you should always be well-shaved.
  6. Do not apply unfamiliar face masks, as the effect may exceed any expectations, and you may not like this effect.
  7. It is better to refrain from eating unfamiliar fruit or vegetables, as you can be allergic to them.
  8. Always bring your shoes with you. Often, size, instep, or something else may not fit. It is better to have classic shoes and sneakers.
  9. If you know the brand for what the photoshoot will be or the idea of the photoshoot, then look for poses on the Internet. Try imitating them in front of the mirror. Take pictures with your camera, look at the errors and work on them.
  10. Download various music to your phone. Sort by styles. And turn on the music that suits your photoshoot. This will give you strength, energy and set the right mood. We wish you to have great photos!
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