14 September 2019

Safety comes first!

Always and everywhere, a model should think about their safety. Indeed, in our time very often there are fraudsters, thieves and other people who pursue their own selfish goals. Therefore, you need to adhere to elementary rules:

  • always sit in the back seat of a taxi and do not allow the taxi driver to take companions;
  • take only taxis that you order using applications and programs;
  • never get into an unfamiliar car;
  • do not take huge amounts of money with you; it is better to keep everything on cards, in bank cells;
  • do not show off money or other expensive things or objects;
  • always read all clauses of contracts;
  • go on business trips only on work visas;
  • on trips always keep all the most valuable things in a closed suitcase;
  • never take any packages;
  • always warn your friends and acquaintances about your trips going with unfamiliar people (in case there are people who could come to your aid);
  • never go to unfamiliar photographers for filming in any apartment or strange location.

Be always and everywhere careful!

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