12 September 2019

What attracts attention in the first place?

The most important thing is clean and well-groomed hair. Even the most beautiful makeup will not save greasy hair. Not only oily hair but also brittle, dry ends or hairs that have already been half-grown and once dyed can push away potential customers.

When meeting clients, at work or auditions, people often pay attention to a manicure, hand grooming and pedicure. You must always take care of hands, nails and legs. It is better to do a neat transparent manicure that does not catch the eye, and which can always be quickly removed and repainted. Do not paint your nails with vibrant colours and then walk with half-grown out nails.

Makeup, clothes, and shoes should match the event wherever you go.

Do not get carried away with perfume to hide unpleasant odors. It is better to take a shower again. It sounds strange, but very often models forget about the need for showers and hygiene products.

Be a cheerful, open and confident person. It is always appreciated!

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