14 September 2019

The Secrets of Young Skin Care
  1. It is necessary to clean face skin daily (in the morning and the evening)! Cosmetics, urban dust as well as skin exudation contaminate skin.
  2. Pimples should not be squeezed! Squeezing deforms the skin, and it is easier for various microorganism to get into the open wounds, and will lead to even more serious problems.
  3. Most care products for oily skin contain alcohol. Alcohol breaks the lipid balance even more and, as a result, the skin becomes much oilier. Use white clay face masks.
  4. Do not dry your clean face with a body towel. It is better to buy disposable paper towels or napkins.
  5. Change your bedding as often as possible, or at least a pillowcase.
  6. Disinfect your cellphone and try not to put it close to your face. Talk better through headphones, as there are so many pimple triggers on it.
  7. Try to touch your face less with your hands. After all, we do not notice how much we do, touch and then transfer it to the skin.
  8. Remember to wash and disinfect your brushes, sponges and other makeup and manicure accessories.
  9. A face with a lot of pimples and inflammation cannot be scrubbed! It is better to use soothing masks for the skin, they will give better results.
  10. Everyone knows you need to drink plenty of water, but few drink it. Pick up a bottle of water and carry it with you at all times. When you always have it before your eyes, you will inadvertently drink it constantly.
  11. It is also no secret that junk and not useful, but very attractive food does not help improve the skin. Therefore, we try to substitute chips, crackers, mayonnaise, ketchup with nuts, fruit, vegetables, and other useful products.

We wish you good luck and patience. And the result will not be delayed!

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