12 September 2019

The recipe for “delicious” snaps

You will need a black two-piece swimsuit, high-heeled shoes, clean hair, manicure with soft colour, a black hair tie, a comb, a smartphone or a camera with lots of free memory, a plain wall, daylight, good mood and self-confidence and the help of one very patient person.

First, we need to find a wall with a dim (preferably solid, light background). It can be a wall in an apartment or a wall of a house. Here, the most important thing when choosing a wall is light. It is better to have natural, scattered light that will fall on this wall. We can’t say exactly what time it is best to take snapshots as the activity of the sun depends on many factors (your geographical location, cloud amount, season, etc.).

But if you are not a fan of taking pictures and do not understand these subtleties, then you can make a few attempts (in the morning, afternoon and evening) and you will see when the photo is best to get. I advise you to do these trial attempts in public places in ordinary clothes so as not to embarrass passers-by. Therefore, first we take a picture of our face, find a suitable moment of light, and then we doll up and take a photo. If there are no bright and sunny walls anywhere, then you can rent a studio for an hour. It will cost you 100-200 UAH.

All photos should be of good quality, where you are without makeup (the best makeup is healthy skin and clean hair), in a black two-piece bathing suit (without ruffles, push-ups, and other distracting details) and heels. When we got dressed, put on shoes and stood exactly against the wall, we make a full-face portrait, ¾ portraits, profile portraits and the same full-length photos (a back photo is added). Then we put on a hair tie, do a beautiful ponytail, and repeat the photoshoot.

To increase the chances of successful shots, it is better to take several photos of the same poses. Do not strain your face, do not bite your cheeks, do not raise your eyebrows and do not make duck lips. For the calmest and most natural facial expression you can slightly open your mouth and breathe through your mouth. To avoid unpleasant surprises for the agency or customers under no circumstances retouch your snaps. It is better to tell the agency the truth about all the flaws and features of your body. Perhaps all this can be turned into elegant pluses.

While sending snaps to the agency, do not forget to give full information about your height, parameters, and willingness to work - and then the response from the agency will not be long in coming!

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